Can I go to the doctor in Germany without health insurance? (2024)

Can I go to the doctor in Germany without health insurance?

What if I don't have health insurance in Germany? If you're visiting Germany and don't have health insurance in the country, you can still see a doctor. You will, however, have to find a private doctor and be responsible for the cost of the visit — a GP consultation without medical insurance costs from €30 to €60.

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Can you see a doctor in Germany without insurance?

In Germany, you cannot see a doctor without first having health insurance. In fact, it is illegal for German citizens to be uninsured. Therefore, practitioners will ask for upfront payments if a patient is uninsured. This legal requirement also applies to visitors to the country and non-German residents.

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Can I go without health insurance in Germany?

Health insurance for all persons not studying or working. Everyone living in Germany must have health insurance. Becoming a member of a statutory health insurance fund is not a problem when you start studying or working.

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Do foreigners get free healthcare in Germany?

Healthcare in Germany is accessible to all residents through public health insurance – this system covers 90% of residents. While non-residents require private insurance coverage to receive medical care.

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Can Americans go to the hospital in Germany?

Medical Visa Information

To enter Germany for medical treatments, non-EU citizens will generally need a medical visa. This requires a letter from the medical facility outlining the planned treatment, proof of financial means to cover medical costs, and comprehensive insurance coverage.

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Can a tourist see a doctor in Germany?

If you're visiting Germany and don't have health insurance in the country, you can still see a doctor. You will, however, have to find a private doctor and be responsible for the cost of the visit — a GP consultation without medical insurance costs from €30 to €60.

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Can foreigners get medical treatment in Germany?

Every international with health issues is able to seek medical treatment in Germany. However, depending on your country of origin you may need a visa to enter the country. You will be exempt from the visa requirement, only if you are a passport holder of one of the following countries: European Union.

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What happens if you can't afford health insurance in Germany?

Currently, the monthly insurance premium is around 807,98 euros. Those who cannot afford the premiums should contact the office responsible for basic social security (Grundsicherung). If your health insurance status is uncertain, you should cover yourself by taking out guest insurance before entering the country.

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How much does German health insurance cost?

Costs of Public health insurance in Germany

Social security contributions for public healthcare insurance (GKV, Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) is set at 14.6% of an employee's gross salary, made up of a 7.3% contribution from the employer and 7.3% contribution from the employee.

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Is emergency health care free in Germany?

In an emergency

For urgent medical treatment in Germany, you can go to the emergency room (Notaufnahme). Both state and private health insurance cover emergency services. If you need an ambulance, you can call the pan-European number 112 free of charge.

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What happens if I get sick while traveling in Germany?

Seeing a doctor

In the German healthcare system, you are free to choose your doctors. If you have public statutory health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankversicherung, GKV) then you can go to any doctor that accepts public insurance, regardless of which insurer (Krankenkasse) you use.

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What to do if you get sick while traveling in Germany?

Calling and visiting the doctor

(In case you don't have one, you can call any doctor and ask them to be your “Hausarzt”, fill out certain forms, answer some questions and that's it.)

Can I go to the doctor in Germany without health insurance? (2024)
How much does an ER visit cost in Germany?

Currently, all visits to emergency services are free at the point of use in Germany for anyone who is covered by German health insurance.

What happens if an American goes to the hospital in Europe?

Be aware that you will likely have to pay out of pocket for any medical treatment, even if your insurance company provides international health care coverage. A visit to the emergency room can be free or cost only a nominal fee, or it can be expensive, depending on where you are and what treatment you need.

Can I directly go to a hospital in Germany?

In acute cases such as accidents or sudden severe illness, you can also go to hospital without being referred by a doctor. If you are treated in hospital, you will have to pay a personal contribution of ten Euros a day for up to 28 days each calendar year. The hospital will bill you for this amount directly.

Can I just go to a hospital in Germany?

Unless it is an emergency that requires a visit to the A&E department, you can usually only access a German hospital via a referral from a doctor. If it is not a medical emergency, you also have the right to choose your hospital, i.e. one that can provide specialist care for your particular condition.

Can you go to a hospital in Germany without insurance?

Generally speaking, most hospitals in Germany accept all patients, whether they have public or private health insurance. However, it's important to keep in mind that a few smaller, private hospitals may only accept those with applicable coverage.

How to get urgent care in Germany?

Out-of-hours medical care

Alternatively, you can call 116 117 for a non-emergency doctor on call. This number works all over Germany. The helpline is open round the clock, including evenings, weekends and public holidays. You can also visit the 116117 website to find a local surgery that offers emergency services.

How long does it take to get a doctor's appointment in Germany?

You may have to wait several days or even weeks for routine appointments. If you urgently need an appointment, some surgeries offer walk-in appointments during opening hours (Sprechzeiten). You can simply turn up and wait to be seen, although this may take several hours.

Is it easy to access healthcare in Germany?

Applying for public healthcare insurance is relatively stress-free, as you simply need to register with the German authorities at your local town hall. Once you are registered, have a social security number, and are making your contributions, you will have access to the state-run healthcare.

Does urgent care exist in Germany?

Urgent Care in Germany, Monday through Sunday

With Mobi Doctor, you can get fast access to a qualified doctor any day of the week. Our doctors have availability throughout the day, including late nights and early mornings.

How many people don t have health insurance in Germany?

WIESBADEN – In 2019, roughly 61,000 people in Germany (grossed) had neither health insurance nor any other entitlement to health care. The number of people without health insurance was down by 23% on 2015, when the figure was roughly 79,000.

Do homeless people in Germany have health insurance?

In accordance with German law, every person is entitled to health care within the standard health care system, including the homeless. Uninsured people receive medical treatment in case of severe pain or in a life-threatening situation, only.

How many people do not have health insurance in Germany?

In 2019, according to a report by the German Federal Statistics Office based on a micro-census (“small population census”) data, around 61,000 inhabitants were living without health insurance.

What is the cheapest public health insurance in Germany?

Cheapest health insurance funds available nationwide
Health InsuranceContribution rateMaximum contribution
HEK - Hanseatische Krankenkasse15,30 %791,78 €
BKK VerbundPlus15,35 %794,36 €
R+V Betriebskrankenkasse15,40 %796,95 €
BKK ProVita15,49 %801,61 €
6 more rows


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