Wizard101 Raid Gear (2024)

1. Wizard101 Voracious Void Raid Gear - Final Bastion

  • 27 dec 2022 · This gear is aimed at level 150 players and drops from the most complex Wizard101 gameplay to-date. There is also a level 160 upgrade to every ...

  • With the addition of Raids in Wizard101, two new gear templates await eager players. Check out the Voracious Void Raid Gear here!

2. Raid Gear Accessibility | Wizard101 Free Online Games

  • 6 jul 2023 · Hello! If I were to suggest one change, it would be access to the gear that raid and guild players have. Players who aren't in guilds don't ...

  • For all account questions and concerns, contact Customer Support.

3. Raid gear / Crafted gear bugged Page 1 | Wizard101 Free Online Games

4. Wizard101 Novus Gear Guide - Final Bastion

  • 16 feb 2023 · For those familiar with the 2022 Raid, these are the Nullity and the Void sets. Farming Novus Gear. The Aeon set requires a lot of farming for ...

  • Check out the Novus Gear Guide! Shadow covers all the farming and crafting needed to outfit your level 160 characters!

5. The Crying Sky Raid Update Notes - Wizard101

  • Complete this Raid to get new gear, pets, jewels, and more! Name and Gender Change Options. Did you perhaps name your character after a character in the ...

  • That’s not all though, we’ve also been dropping hints at an important feature you all have been asking for a long time now to have - name and gender change options! No longer are you locked to the original name and gender you started with perhaps as long as the initial launch of the game way back in 2008!

6. Summer Update Cabal's Revenge - Wizard101

  • ... gear! Each of these Key Bosses also has a new Reagent they will be dropping and an associated Gear Crafter outside their sigils. ... Raid Bundles and Keys for all ...

  • Rally your Guild and prepare for your greatest challenge yet: facing off against not just one, but TWO, raid bosses! They are joined by familiar foes and evil twins, as the Cabal makes their last stand. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but it is also best served to only level 170 players in coordinated Guilds ready to face the toughest obstacles Wizard101 has to offer.

7. Novus Level 160+ Gear Guide: Drops & Crafting | Wizard101

  • 11 dec 2022 · Novus Level 160+ Gear Guide: Drops & Crafting | Wizard101 - Check out the best level 160 gear from Novus - drops and crafted options!

  • Novus Level 160+ Gear Guide: Drops & Crafting | Wizard101 - Check out the best level 160 gear from Novus - drops and crafted options!

8. "Raid" dungeons | Wizard101 Free Online Games

  • ... gear (as I've mentioned before in my post about dungeon difficulties). As far as raid gear goes, however, I feel it should be better than top tier dungeon ...

  • For all account questions and concerns, contact Customer Support.

9. Update Notes | Wizard101 Online Game

  • Players will be able to acquire some rewards that exist in the existing Gauntlet, including Gear, Pets, and Mounts. THE FORBIDDEN LIBRARY GAUNTLET. null. Deep ...

  • Players with the Messenger permission in a Guild may send Pixie Post messages to everyone with Filtered Chat or Open Chat in the Guild.

Wizard101 Raid Gear (2024)


What is the best way to get Dragoon gear? ›

The easiest way in my opinion to farm the Dragoon gear is to start with Abandon house. This dungeon is great because it drops all the reagents necessary to craft the Dragoon Armor. It drops Extract, Salts and Crystals. Not to mention it drops the Vanguard Hat as well which makes it faster to craft the Dragoon Hat.

How to get Zeus gear in Wizard 101? ›

The only way to get this gear is from battling Zeus in Tartarus.

Who drops dragoon gear? ›

The Dragoon Gear can only be dropped from Skeleton Key Boss Fellspawn, or crafted. The name of the vendor is Zasha Emberforge and she is located in the main area of the Upper Level of the Catacombs.

What class becomes Dragoon? ›

It is this penetrative power that characterizes the dragoon. In order to become a Dragoon, characters must have a level 30 Lancer and a level 15 Marauder.

Does Dragoon do good damage? ›

Dragoon is highest dps, and honestly least amount of work, and overall most fun (at least in my opinion). Monk and Ninja are about the same and require about the same amount of focus. Plus Dragoon increases bards dps by around 8% and every raid has a bard (maybe not in the expansion though).

How do you get Zeus sword? ›

Zeus Blade is a Rare tier sword available as a quest reward, shop item, or loot drop once acquired from The Lore Store.

How do you get a giant TC in Wizard101? ›

Re: Myth Treasure card Giant

Avery Templeton in Celestia Base Camp sells the crafting recipe for Giant. You can also buy the cards for 150 gold each from The Archivist in Celestia - District of the Stars.

What happens when you ignore someone on Wizard101? ›

Further, when you Don't Ignore them, they cease to be your friend. There is no mechanism for moving an ignored friend back to your Friends list. Hence, the Ignore feature is functionally equivalent to the Remove feature.

What level does Lancer become Dragoon? ›

Taking Up The Lance

From there, you will have to level the Lancer Class up to Level 30, which shouldn't take all that long with loads of new, fast ways to power level new Jobs in Final Fantasy 14.

How do you level up Dragoon fast? ›

Dragoon levels go up via SP. This SP doesn't not have to be gained while your character has full SP, and it doesn't make any difference if you've got none or max for dragoon form. Any time a character gains SP it goes into a tally that the game doesn't show you, and once it ticks over, your D-Level goes up.

What gear do dragoons use? ›

Dragoon equipment is primarily composed of maiming gear. This list only includes equipment that provides a bonus to strength, the primary attribute of dragoons. To see all equipment available to dragoons for glamour purposes, see the following lists: All Classes.

Who drops Dragoon boots? ›

Dropped By: Fellspawn.

How do you get Dragoon in w101? ›

usually, you need to craft a vanguard item and then use it to craft the dragoon item. however, king detritus drops vanguard hats so you will most likely get one before you get all the reagents you need. you can use the vanguard hat from any school to craft the dragoon hat for any school.

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