Income and Sales Tax: The Invoicing System Is Not Intended to Impose Taxes (2024)

Director General of the Income and Sales Tax Department, Hussam Abu Ali, said that the electronic national invoicing system is a national reform that does not aim to impose taxes or increase taxes. It is a regulatory system that came for the purposes of transferring invoice data and documenting it electronically. Care was taken to make it easy and simple for everyone who uses it and does not incur any costs or expenses. It imposes financial burdens on those who use it, and its use does not require any experience.

During his meeting with the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the Irbid Chamber of Commerce, he added that the Income and Sales Tax Department launched the Jordanian the electronic national invoicing system in 2022 to enable companies, establishments, professionals, craftsmen, and obligated individuals to join the electronic national invoicing system.

He stated that the electronic national invoicing system is capable of accommodating the issuance of 60 million invoices daily, indicating that the system applies various aspects of security and information protection applied in global systems and was applied experimentally to a number of establishments, companies and taxpayers before its official launch.

According to Abu Ali, it was taken into account that the electronic national invoicing system should be easy and simple for all those who are obligated and everyone who uses it, and that it should be able to accommodate all the accounting systems used in all different sectors and that it should be able to adapt to deal with these systems without arranging any amendments or changes.

Abu Ali stated that the system was issued based on the provisions of Income Tax Law No. 38 of 2018, in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph (F) of Article (23), which required that the person be obligated to issue an original invoice to provide any service in exchange for the exchange or sell any commodity in the Kingdom, and to regulate all Affairs related to invoicing systems, their issuance and oversight, and the categories excluded from them in accordance with this system, and based on the provisions of Article (16) of the System for Regulating and Oversight of invoicing Affairs No. (34) of 2019, Executive Instructions for invoicing Affairs and its Control No. (1) of 2019 were issued.

Abu Ali said that an electronic invoicing platform has been found on the department’s website, through which it allows taxpayers to issue invoices if they do not have an invoicing system or direct link with the tax.

The Director General of the Income and Sales Tax Department stated that under the amended system for organizing and controlling invoicing affairs No. (13) of 2023, those bound by the system, including companies, establishments, professionals, service providers, craftsmen and individuals who apply the electronic national invoicing system, are obligated to issue the invoice electronically through the invoicing system and are not obligated to keep hard copies of these invoices.

Abu Ali added that the procedures for registering with the electronic national invoicing system are simple and easy, and will play a role in making it easier for taxpayers. It will work to reduce human intervention, facilitate the procedures for auditing taxpayer files, and accelerate their obtaining a tax clearance. It will also contribute to eliminating the burden of transferring invoices books and financial statements from Companies to tax auditor offices.

During the meeting, Abu Ali stated that more than one international institution raised Jordan's rating according to international standards and praised the structural reform policies that protected Jordan from the repercussions of regional crises.

Abu Ali indicated that specialized work teams have been allocated to assist the obligated categories included in the invoicing system, with the aim of meeting them, guiding them, educating them, assisting them technically and technically, and facilitating for them the procedures for connecting to the system and using one of the platforms that suits each taxpayer.

The Director General of the Income and Sales Tax Department announced that any obligated taxpayer to register in the electronic national invoicing system who will register in the system before the end of the current month will have his fines incurred as a result of not joining and registering in the national electronic invoicing system cancelled.

He stated that all taxpayers can communicate with the taxpayers’ services center in the department by phone or the WhatsApp application on the phone number 062222130 or through various social networking sites for guidance, receiving the required assistance, answering their inquiries and comments, as well as helping them to conduct their transaction procedures electronically and responding to them in the shortest possible time.

For his part, the head of the Irbid Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Muhammad Al-Shouha, said that the meeting was held at the request of members of the Irbid Chamber of Commerce and members of the General Authority regarding the national invoicing system, to gain more information about the system and to clarify more points for many merchants.

Income and Sales Tax: The Invoicing System Is Not Intended to Impose Taxes (2024)
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